Access Control

Easy to use

Simple, easy, reliable PC based Access Control

Fully Scaleable

Systems from 1 door to hundreds. Simple and expandable

Customisable Systems

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The Challenge

Need to keep staff areas secure from the public, but need to be more flexible than a physical lock and key?

Need to track staff and/or public movements around your premises?

Access Control systems can be very complex, and getting confused trying to work out which one is best for you?


The JNP Solution

Our expert technicians at JNP will visit you, and discuss your requirements to find the perfect system for you.

JNP’s Access Control systems are flexible, and can control doors, turnstiles, motorised gates, even road barriers. All of which JNP can provide if required.

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Door Maglocks

The most common method of securing a door, other methods include magnetic door strikes, much like a normal door handle.


For securing a public accessible area, with high volume throughput. Turnstiles are a staple in Railway Stations, Stadiums, and Leisure Centers.

Road Barriers

Securing vehicular access into and out of an area, commonly used on car parks in conjunction with a ticketing system, or staff only passes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add a door?

Of course, all our systems are bespoke and flexible. Just get in touch for your quote for additional doors.

Can I mix card types? Magstripe and Proximity?

Yes, multiple readers can be installed for both card types, or specific areas can have different types, depending on your requirements.

I have an existing system, can you extend it?

Yes, at JNP we have experience with a vast array of Access Control Systems, get in touch with your requirements.

Don't Be Shy

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